Our last greeting to Augusto Odone

All the staff of Baraka publisher want to do homage to this great man that with so much love and strength has given hope to many families.
We’ll continue to spread his book with his memories, his story will live forever!
We have known this wonderful person who has become for us a source of inspiration and admiration.
The thing that has ever wanted was to share his story, he wanted to reach every heart and remember her beloved Lorenzo and his fight against the disease.

Last Greeting to Augusto Odone

These are the English versions of Lorenzo’s oil book.

In 1984, six-year-old Lorenzo Odone was diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy – an incurable genetic disease which destroys the brains of young boys. His parents, Augusto and Michaela, refused to give up hope and with great determination set out to research the disease and find a cure. Within only a couple of years they had discovered an oil which was able to halt the progress of the disease and Lorenzo, thanks to the oil, lived a further 25 years.

Augusto Odone tells the moving story of his life with Michaela and Lorenzo, Lorenzo’s illness and their fight to find a cure.

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Economic print with soft cover
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For more information on Lorenzo’s Oil

Family fears Lorenzo’s Oil will no longer be available

lorenzo oil future uncertain

Congressional Luncheon Honoring Augusto Odone

Congressional Luncheon Honoring Augusto Odone - Myelin Project

During the Italian TV program “Heart of the days”

Augusto Odone has been interviewed on 12/12/2012. You can see it again on:
la vera storia del miracolo dell'olio di lorenzo

Lorenzo’s song sung by Phil Collins

In 1994, Michaela wanted to honor Lorenzo with a song. She wrote the verses with Lorenzo at her side, asking his approval for each line. Then she e-mailed them to Phil Collins, who answered immediately: “Don’t give the lyrics away; I want to put music to them myself.”
Here is Lorenzo’s song:

Lorenzo's song sung by Phil Collins

Cristina Odone and Keith Layden, the Director of CRODA

If the Liverpool Pathway had been around when my half-brother Lorenzo was diagnosed, he wouldn’t have survived a week
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Cristina Odone and Keith Layden, the Director of CRODA
Cristina Odone and Keith Layden, the Director of CRODA

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